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About MindShare

MindShare's mission is to help CEOs from the most promising technology and life sciences growth companies in the Greater Washington Metropolitan region build long-term, sustainable companies by creating opportunities and a sense of community as well as fostering teamwork in a collegial environment.

Founded in 1997 by a local group of prominent executives and business leaders, MindShare is an exclusive forum designed to help emerging companies and their CEOs build successful businesses. Founding board members have helped build some of the area's biggest and most successful technology companies.

MindShare provides CEOs an opportunity to meet with peers from the area's best emerging companies as well as with Organizing Board members and speakers/session leaders in an intimate and exclusive setting of specially selected CEOs. Each month, these handpicked CEOs discuss current issues facing their companies, exchange ideas and meet other successful entrepreneurs, who can help guide them through the process of building great companies. Upon completion of each year's class, the CEOs are invited to a formal graduation ceremony. Past speakers include Phillip Merrick, founder and CEO of webMethods; Mario Morino, founder and CEO of Legent, The Morino Institute and Netpreneur; Andrew Stern, Chairman and CEO of USinternetworking; Ted Leonsis,Vice Chairman of AOL; Raul Fernandez, founder of Proxicom and Chairman and CEO of ObjectVideo; and many others.

MindShare is an exclusive, invitation only, program for CEOs of companies in the Greater Washington Metropolitan region that provides mentorship, business opportunities and lasting friendships. To date, more than 300 CEOs have graduated from MindShare, creating a deep and valuable alumni network.

CEOs from emerging high-tech companies have many lessons to learn and experiences to share. Some things can only best be understood by peers, not employees, investors or even co-founders. MindShareÕs unique environment provides CEOs that opportunity; it's an easy and enjoyable way to learn quickly from peers and experts who have been there. Year after year, the CEOs who graduate from MindShare reaffirm its enduring value through continued business opportunities and lasting friendships.

The MindShare Organizing Board provides a forum exclusively for CEOs to share successes and challenges and to enjoy old-fashioned networking. Each session focuses on a different aspect of nurturing and growing an emerging business and offers an evening of mentorship and war stories.

Graduation Criteria
In order to graduate, the CEO must attend and actively participate in five of the eight class sessions.

The registration fee is $500, which is due prior to or at the first MindShare session. This cost covers all monthly sessions, the graduation ceremonies
and the post-graduation party.

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